How the Innovation Value Pyramid Can Help Create A Differentiated Offering

When it comes to innovation, having a differentiated offering can set businesses apart from their competition. However, many companies struggle to keep up with the pace of change. According to the BCG Global Innovation Survey (2015), 42% of global innovation executives say development times are too long to generate ROI.

At Innovolo, we believe the key to staying ahead in this ever-evolving landscape is to adopt an “Innovation as a Service” approach by leveraging the Innovation Value Pyramid. This article explains each pyramid level and how it can help create a differentiated offering.

Level 1: Owner-driven

At Level 1 (Owner-driven), businesses depend highly on the owner, and scalability is nearly impossible. To move beyond this level, businesses must take on key people who fill major roles and become less reliant on the owner.

Level 2: People-Driven

At Level 2 (People-Driven), businesses take on key people who fill major roles, and scalability increases as the business becomes less reliant on the owner. This allows for more expansive growth and greater opportunities for success.

Level 3: Systems-Driven

At Level 3 (Systems-Driven), policies, procedures, and metrics provide a framework to ensure core operations remain consistent. Scalability significantly enhances because the negative impacts of growth are now effectively managed, allowing for smoother growth cycles across different departments and areas of expertise.

Level 4: Culture-Driven

Finally, at Level 4 (Culture-Driven), ultimate scalability is achieved when a business has a strong team dedicated to continuous improvement. Businesses should strive towards creating an environment where everyone works together towards a shared vision, creating effective strategies that foster meaningful change across all levels within their organization.

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By understanding each level of the Innovation Value Pyramid and implementing it into their strategy, businesses can create a differentiated offering to help them stay ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.

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