What is Process Innovation?

Process innovation is the act of introducing new or significantly improved methods, techniques, equipment, and/or software to an existing production or delivery process. It generally involves rethinking and redesigning how a product or service is created and delivered to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and/or improve customer experience.

Process innovation can involve various approaches such as automation, streamlining operations, introducing new technologies, and improving existing processes. Process innovation aims to create organisational value by increasing productivity while reducing costs. It also seeks to enhance customer satisfaction by providing better quality products or services at lower prices.

Process innovation requires a deep understanding of business operations, research methods, and data analytics. It also requires creativity and problem-solving skills to identify opportunities for improvement. Furthermore, it requires strong communication skills to explain ideas and collaborate with other stakeholders effectively.

Innovation consultants play an important role in process innovation by helping organisations identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for implementing changes. They use their knowledge of emerging technologies and their potential industry applications to create solutions that meet customer needs while achieving organisational objectives.

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