What is the Play-To-Win Strategy Canvas?

Play-To-Win Strategy Canvas is a strategic choice-making framework developed by Matthew E. May to help small teams make informed decisions. It is based on generating a hypothesis of a problem and working out solutions to bridge the gap between the current state and desired outcome. 

The Play-To-Win Strategy Canvas consists of two parts: defining bold and measurable outcomes that define the team’s strategic ambition and determining what defines winning with customers, against top competitors, and within the organisation.

The first step in using the Play-To-Win Strategy Canvas is identifying the critical focus areas for success. This includes understanding customer needs, competitive landscape, organisational capabilities, and other factors that could influence success. Once these areas are identified, teams can create hypotheses about how they can best position themselves to win in each area. This involves looking at different areas’ strategies and assessing their potential impact on overall success.

Once hypotheses have been generated, teams can use the Play-To-Win Strategy Canvas to evaluate them against each other to determine which strategy will most effectively achieve their desired outcome. The canvas helps teams identify which strategies are more likely to lead to success and which ones should be avoided or modified. Teams can also use it to assess their progress over time by tracking results from previous strategies and adjusting accordingly.

The Play-To-Win Strategy Canvas is invaluable for helping small teams make informed decisions when developing successful strategies for achieving their goals. Providing a comprehensive view of all relevant factors involved in making strategic choices allows teams to quickly evaluate different options and make informed decisions about which ones are most likely to lead to success.

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