Thinking Outside the Box: Owner-Driven Innovation

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you know that innovation is a must.

But what do we mean when we talk about “innovation”? It can mean different things to different people – don’t get hung up on the term itself. As an Innovation Consultant, I like to think of innovation in terms of owner-driven innovation. This is where all businesses begin. At this stage, the business is still highly dependent on the owner. Scalability is nearly impossible because growth is limited by the owner’s individual capacity.

The Benefits and Challenges of Owner-Driven Innovation

The benefit of being an owner-driven innovator is that you get to be creative with your product or service.

You are not constrained by any set rules or regulations and can explore and experiment with your ideas as much as you want. The downside is that it can be hard to scale and grow your business if it relies solely on you for its success and progress.

Once a business reaches a certain level, however, it needs to move away from relying solely on its owners and transition into something more sustainable to continue growth and development. This transition requires a shift in mindset from one focused on idea generation to one focused on implementing those ideas into actionable steps to create something new or improve upon existing products/services.

Innovation Hubs: A Necessary Step Towards Growth & Development

One way for businesses to make this shift from being solely owner-driven innovators to becoming more scalable innovators is through the use of innovation hubs—dedicated spaces where teams can collaborate to brainstorm, create prototypes, develop innovative solutions, and test out new ideas in real-time without having to worry about external influences (like competitors).

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These hubs provide a safe space for teams to take risks and push boundaries without fear of failure or external pressure. This can lead to increased creativity, better solutions/products/services, and ultimately more success overall for businesses willing to take advantage of them.


Whether your business has reached a point where it needs scaling or not yet, there’s no doubt that innovation plays an important role in getting there!

As an Innovation Consultant, I believe strongly in the power of owner-driven innovation but also recognize its limitations when it comes time to scale up your business operations successfully.

That’s why I recommend taking advantage of innovation hubs, as they provide entrepreneurs with a safe space for experimentation while allowing their teams room for collaboration and development free from fear or external pressures, which can often stifle creativity and progress! Thanks for reading my thoughts on this topic – I hope this article has been informative!

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