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The traditional approach to innovation focused on incremental improvements to existing technology, is no longer sufficient for the complex challenges facing the Air Force today. To truly drive innovation, we must be willing to take bold, disruptive steps that challenge the status quo.

Innovation is not just about creating new technology; it’s about creating value for the end-user. By focusing on the needs and experiences of the warfighter, we can develop truly innovative solutions that make a real difference on the battlefield.

The most innovative ideas often come from unexpected sources. To truly tap into the full potential of our innovation ecosystem, we must be willing to engage with a diverse range of voices and perspectives, including those outside of our traditional networks.

In order to stay ahead of emerging threats, we must be willing to embrace uncertainty and take risks in our pursuit of innovation. This means accepting that not all projects will succeed, but continuing to invest in bold ideas that have the potential to transform our capabilities.

The AFOSR has a critical role to play in driving innovation across the Air Force, but we cannot do it alone. By actively seeking out collaborations with industry, academia, and other stakeholders, we can leverage our collective expertise to accelerate progress and achieve breakthrough innovations.

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