The largest 3D printing housing project is starting in Kenya.

Construction of the largest 3D-printed housing project in Africa will soon start in the Kenyan town of Kilifi.

The cement giant, Holcim, is building a complex of 52 3D-printed houses. The company is doing this through its 14Trees joint venture with the UK Government’s impact investor, CDC Group. The development is part of the innovative Green Heart of Kenya regenerative ecosystem focused on creating ‘inclusive and climate-resilient cities’.

“We are excited to be building one of the world’s largest 3D-printed affordable housing projects in Kenya,” said Jan Jenisch, CEO Holcim. “With today’s rapid urbanisation, over three billion people are expected to need affordable housing by 2030. This issue is most acute in Africa, with countries like Kenya already facing an estimated shortage of two million houses. By deploying 3D printing, we can address this infrastructure gap at scale to increase living standards for all.”

The homes designed by MASS Design Group will reduce the carbon footprint of a conventionally built house by more than 50%. This is according to Holcim, which has a lot of experience in this area. They have already delivered the world’s first 3D-printed school in Malawi.

Tenbite Ermias, CDC Africa Managing Director, added: “14Trees is pioneering the use of leading edge technology to address one of Africa’s most pressing development needs – affordable housing – to create life-changing infrastructure for whole communities.”

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